Top 5 Tuesday — My (Cynthia's) Top 5 Christian/Spiritual Goals for 2018

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Hello my Lovlies, I hope everyone had a safe and fun New Year's eve.  Welcome to 2018!

Since today is Top 5 Tuesday, and what with it being a new year and all I thought I'd share my Top 5  Christian/Spiritual goals for 2018.  I pray these will allow me to grow in my faith this year. 

1. Read my Bible 20 minutes a day, every day

2.  Go to Church every week

3.  Set aside 15 minutes each day to pray

     For example, you could:

     • Wake up 15 minutes earlier
     • Pray in the shower
     • Pray while you're doing your hair/makeup
     • Pray during your morning or evening commute
     • Pray on your lunch break
     • Pray while making dinner

           The possibilities are endless...

4.  Join a Bible study

5.  Ask/invite a friend to Church

So there you have it my Lovlies —  my Top 5 Christian/Spiritual goals for 2018.

Do me a favor — comment below and let me know your top 5 Christian/Spiritual goals for 2018. 

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