Tips Tricks & Hacks Thursday — Easy Nail Art Hacks For The Perfect Manicure

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Hello my Lovlies — Happy Thursday!!! 

For Cynthia's Tips, Tricks & Hacks Thursday I am going to share some nail art hacks that will give you the perfect at home manicure. 

How cool is this hack from Rebecca over at The Crafted Sparrow? There are times when my mani starts looking less than perfect, and a coat of glitter polish would be the perfect thing to spruce it up. 

Wait... I don't have the right color glitter polish. Whip up a batch of glitter polish yourself with craft glitter and clear polish.  What's great about making it yourself is you can control the concentration of glitter. 

Wow, here is a really cool hack from Renae over at An Onion Exposed.  If you add cornstarch to clear polish you can create your own matte top coat.  How cool is that?

How clever is this hack from The Bottomless Paddling Pool for carving out pencil erasers to make easy leopard nail art stamps? 

For those of us who haven't quite mastered intricate nail art designs this easy striped effect shown by Beautylish using a fan brush is the perfect (and simple) answer.  Give it a try. 

There you are my Lovlies, some nail hacks for the perfect DIY nail art at home. 


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