What's Up Wednesday — Buy American Nail Polish!!!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Hello my Lovlies — Happy Wednesday! 

I know a lot of Americans watched President Trump's inauguration speech where the main thesis was Make America Great Again.

One important way we (as Americans) can help make America great again is to buy American products. 

That being said, beginning in the month of February 2017 I plan to start identifying and hopefully reviewing the following products that are MADE IN AMERICA:

• Nail polishes (top/base coats,
  strengtheners ridge fillers etc.)     

• Nail care products/supplies

• Artificial or enhanced nail products

• Nail art supplies/tools      

• Nail implements

• Manicure & pedicure
  supplies and equipment                                                              

• Etc.     

In short, my plan is to eventually identify and review anything to do with nails that is MADE IN THE USA.

To do that I need help from the nail industry and nail bloggers in identifying and get in touch with any and everything to do with nails that is MADE IN AMERICA.

With the above in mind, please contact me directly at (541) 207.2652 or e-mail me at poshnailsbycynthia@gmail and let me know any and all things nails you know to be MADE IN AMERICA

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