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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Hello my Lovlies — Happy Thrusday!!! 

Today for Cynthia's Tips, Tricks and Hacks Thursday I am go to share some clever tricks that will hopefully make your life a little easier. 

All the tips and pictures came from 

Isn't this tip ingenious? With cords from our cell phone(s), tablets, laptops, and who know what else this tip could tidy up all those tangled, messy cords.

Who hasn't gotten their cell phone wet at one time or another?  Next time I'll try rice in a Ziploc bag.  How about you?

I don't know about you, but at our house it seems I never have the right size batteries on hand. I am going to try this tip next time I find myself in a battery pinch. 

Wow, I had absolutely no idea that crayons would/could burn.  For those of you Lovelies that have little kids this could be a life saver in an emergency. 

Your Turn: Comment below and share your favorite tip, trick and/or hack with us. 

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