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Monday, January 9, 2017

Hello my Lovlies —  Happy Monday!  
As you Lovlies know I am going to be starting nail tech school soon. 
 With that in mind, I've been all over the internet looking for / at all things nails.

That being said, I stumbled across this awesome site called Born Pretty.  Then I thought to myself — "self" that is the perfect topic to post about on Cynthia's Make My Monday Pretty. 

Don't get me wrong they have a lot of things besides nail stuff, but that's what originally caught my attention.  

Here's a list of some types of things they carry on their site. 

  • Christmas Themed Items
  • Makeup & Beauty 
  • Jewelry & Accessories 
  • Clothing & Apparel 
  • Cell Phones & Tablets
  • Hair Salon & Decoration
  • Home & Garden 
  • Stationery & Toys 
  • Promotion Gift

Anyway, back to nail stuff (lol).  Born Pretty seems to have great prices on all kinds of nail products.  Below are just a few examples of what I found. 

If you're into nail stamping check out these killer deals. 

A 2 piece set. A crystal clear silicone jelly nail art stamper & scraper for only $2.99.

A 15 ml bottle of Born Pretty nail art stamping polish for a low $3.99. 

A chic lace patterned nail art stamping plate for just $1.59. 

Check out these nail art stamping plate holders.  A round & rectangle plate holder set for a $8.59. 

Anyway my Lovlies, I could go on and on about what great deals they have at the Born Pretty Store, but I suggest you take a look for yourself.  Go to

My Lovlies I hope you take minute to go check out the screamin' deals over at the Born Pretty Store. 

Your Turn:  Comment below and let us know where you get your nail / nail art supplies. 

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