What's Up Wednesday — This Isn't Your Grandmother's Jello

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Hello my Lovlies.  Remember those cool Jell-O molds your grandmother had hanging on the wall?
Remember these?

Well, break them out I am going to show you 4 of the best ways to modernize vintage Jello-recipes. 

I found these great recipes and pictures on BHG.com.

Grandma Made: Celery-Flavored Jell-O Salads 
This is possibly the most popular — and the most revolting — Jell-O recipe ever created. How did anyone ever eat this stuff? These gelatin salads were filled with tomatoes, nuts, cucumbers, olives, and whatever else was sitting in the fridge that week. And the Jell-O? A popular choice was celery flavor. Crazy!

You Should Make: Red Hot Jell-O Salad
This Jell-O salad is every bit nostalgic, but without the questionable ingredients. The holiday dessert trades the tomatoes and olives for cinnamon candies, crisp apples, and cherry gelatin. It even includes chopped celery for those craving a more traditional Jell-O salad.

Grandma Made: Onion-Mayo-Seafood-Lime-Cheese Salad
What about this meal sounds the least appetizing? The grated onion, the cottage cheese-and-mayonnaise-infused Jell-O, or the seafood salad delicately placed in the middle. We can't decide, but we can all agree that we never want to eat this again! GROSS.

You Should Make: Palatable Creamy Lime Jello-O Parfaits
Now this is a lime gelatin dish we can get behind! Served up in adorable shooter glasses, these creamy lime Jell-O parfaits will become the new family favorite. They are light and elegant and are sweetened by a fresh pear garnish!

Grandma Made: Strawberry Jell-O and Ice Cream Pie
This probably isn't the worst dessert in the world, but it IS in serious need of an upgrade. Ditch the excess sugar and the crumbly crust for something much more chic.

You Should Make: Champagne Strawberry Jell-O
Could anything be cuter than these individual champagne strawberry Jell-O treats? We think not! We love how the champagne bubbles look trapped in the gelatin mold. So festive and refreshing!

Grandma Made: Pineapple Jell-O Slices
While we do see the convenience of this easy-to-make dish, we will not make room for it at our dinner table. Something about pineapple suspended in wiggly gelatin just doesn't seem quite right...

You Should Make: Pineapple Crush Jell-O  Cake
We are seriously crushing on this pineapple crush Jell-O cake. It certainly is different from the gelatin desserts we're used to, but we love it! This sweet treat is made with real bits of pineapple baked right into the cake!

Okay my Lovlies, if those modernized Jell-O recipes aren't enough to get you to break out those old Jell-O molds I don't know what would.

Your Turn:  Let us know your 
updated  | modernized Jell-O recipes.

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