Tips, Tricks & Hacks Thursday — Little Hacks To Upgrade Your New Year's Eve

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Hello my Lovlies — Happy Thursday!! 

Since New Year's Eve is fast approaching I thought I'd share some little hacks that just may upgrade you New Year's.

All these hacks and picture (plus plenty more) came from BuzzFeed.

Use a tiny Bluetooth tracker if you seem to always lose your stuff when you're out partying. 

Put a tracker on your keys, wallet, personal bottle of champagne, whatever. Get it from Amazon for just $19.99

If you're wearing heels (but usually hate every second of it), tape your toes together. 

Agustuta Falletta / BuzzFeed 

These two toes share a common nerve that can become strained when the toes are separated, which can happen when you're wearing heels for too long.  Taping the toes together can help alleviate any pain. (It really works!)

Layer a turtleneck under a party dress so can wear your favorite party outfit without freezing to death.

Get a nonbulky cropped turtleneck or a layering turtleneck and you can stay in style and be warm at the same time. 

At the end of the night when it's time to drive home, become the hit at every bar with a mini keychain breathalyzer

Get it from Amazon for $25.28.  Remember it's always better to be safe than sorry!

Okay my Lovlies there you have it — Cynthia's New Year's eve hacks to upgrade your night out. 

Your Turn:  Comment below and share any New Year's eve tips, tricks and/or hacks you may have.

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