Friday Favorites — Gifts For The Person That Has Everything

Friday, December 9, 2016

Hello my Lovlies — Happy Friday!!  For Cynthia's Friday Favorites I am going to share some gifts for the person on your list who has everything. 

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What do you get for the person who has all the stuff? Uhh, more stuff.  Definitely more stuff.

iCooker Travel French Press

It might not have the most inventive name, but the way it works is brilliant. Put coffee grounds into the chamber, let them steep in hot water, and then plunge the lever just like you would with a French press. It's an ingenious little present for a frequent traveler who can't make sense of the world without coffee. 
Available at, $7.99.

Mahabis Classic Slipper

Photo: Mahabis
Mahabis slippers are perfect for the friend who wants a comfy shoe that doesn’t scream, “I’ve stopped trying.” Made from a light sheep's wool, the shoes have a detachable soul and a collapsible heel, making them vital for that tough journey from couch to corner pizza shop. 

Available at, $99.

The HyperChiller is a smart gift that makes you wise by proxy. Here’s how it works: Pour water into the outer and inner chambers, throw it in the freezer, and then pour up to 12.5 ounces of hot coffee into the insulated vessel. Two layers of ice (protected by stainless steel) drastically lower the temperature of your brew, giving you genuine iced coffee within minutes—without, y’know, watering it down.

Available at, $29.99.

Üllo Wine Purifier

The amateur sommelier in your life will appreciate this genius gadget. The Üllo wine purifier fits on top of a glass and filters out sulfites to bring out the natural taste of vino. It even has a built-in aerator you can turn on and off.

Available at, $79.99.

Okay my Lovlies, I hope these gift ideas are helpful.  Comment below and let us know some of your unique gift ideas for the person who has everything on your list. 

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