What's Up Wednesday — 4 Turkey Day Tips

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Hello my Lovlies — I hope you have a Wonderful Wednesday!!!! 

Since tomorrow is Turkey day I thought I'd share some tips with all my Lovlies.  

All of these tips and pictures are taken exactly as posted in an e-mail from Spark People®.

#1 How Do I Make the Perfect Turkey?
Look no further than our guide: 13 Secrets to Perfectly Roasted Turkey

#2 How Do I Make a Cranberry Sauce Everyone Will Love?
Of all the of recipes for cranberry sauce on our site, this is the one our members like the most: Zesty Orange-Cranberry Relish

#3 How Do I Get Back on Track After All That Food?
As an early gift to you, we brought all of the FREE and fabulous workout videos from SparkPeople.TV to your Amazon Fire TV.
Learn more about how to get the free app.

#4 Where Can I Find All the Best Black Friday Deals?
Alright, so maybe our members never ask us this one. ;P But we gathered the healthy Black Friday deals we're most excited about.
It's a cornucopia of savings! 

Well my Lovlies, I hope you find these 4 Thanksgiving tips helpful. 

If you have any Thanksgiving tips and/or tricks you'd like to share please leave a comment below. 

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