Thursday Tips & Tricks — Sanity-Saving Thanksgiving Tips & Tricks

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Hello my Lovlies. With Thanksgiving coming up soon I thought I'd share some Sanity-Saving Tips & Tricks with you.  

I found these great tips,  tricks, and pictures on the Food Network

Here is to making your Thanksgiving simple, classic, and foolproof. 

How clever is using pennies as pie weights?  I would have never thought of it myself.  I guess that's why the celebrities chefs over at the Food Network make the big bucks (lol). 

I lve the idea of using an ice chest as a fridge.  Lord knows none of us have enough space in our  fridge for all the delicious Thanksgiving goodies.

This slow cooker as a mashed potato keeper tip / trick is awesome when all the burners on your stove are in use.  After all the only thing worse than lumpy mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving is cold, gluey ones. 

This tip / trick just may be a lifesaver on Thanksgiving day. You can make the gravy ahead of time and keep it warm in the thermos — then simply decant it into your gravy boat just before serving.  

Okay my Lovlies, I hope you find these Thanksgiving Tips & Tricks helpful.

Your Turn:  Share your Thanksgiving tips, tricks, tools, and hacks and I will post them on my blog to share with all my followers. 

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