Thursday Tips & Tricks — Last-Minute Thanksgiving Tips For The Lazy Hostess

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Hello my Lovlies, Happy Thanksgiving! 

It's Thanksgiving day so I thought I'd share some last-minute tips & tricks to make your Turkey day a little easier. 

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Since you saved everything until the last minute, keep your to-do list and recipes handy.
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Write everything out in lists and tape the lists in plain sight so you can keep track of what needs to be done before your guests arrive, which dishes need to be cooked when, and how many shots you’ve had to calm yourself down because everyone is literally almost at your house and you have done nothing.

Make a roasting rack out of tin foil.
André Baranowski /
André Baranowski /

A roasting rack is an irreplaceable tool in the kitchen, but if you don’t cook often, or don’t have one that is the right size to accommodate your Thanksgiving turkey, use this DIY foil trick from Saveur.

Don't stress over appetizers. 

Most grocery stores are stocked to the brim with cheeses, olives, fresh bread, and already sliced cold cuts that you can lay out on a cutting board (wooden if you want to look all rustic and fancy). Your guests will be so excited to eat, they won’t care that you didn’t make deviled eggs shaped like pumpkins.

Brine your turkey in a cooler so it doesn't take up all of your fridge space.

Too lazy to move around everything in your fridge? Don’t! Brine your turkey in a cooler so that it’s in a separate space. Here’s a simple brining recipe from A Beautiful Mess.

Throw all of your vegetables and potatoes into the oven with your turkey.
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Your oven is going to be on all day anyway so why not chop up a bunch of veggies and potatoes to make a roasted side dish. Toss everything in together with some herbs (rosemary, salt, pepper, and olive oil is a delicious and quick recipe) and let them cook alongside your turkey.

Well my Lovlies, I hope you find some of these last-minute turkey day tips & tricks helpful.  

If you have any Thanksgiving day tips and/or tricks please leave them in the comment box below. 

I'd like to close by saying Thanksgiving is a special occasion to express my thanks to those whose friendship and lve I cherish. 

May you have a bountiful Thanksgiving, Happy Holidays, and a prosperous New Year. 

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