Surprise Saturday — The Giving Keys

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Hello my Lovlies — Happy Saturday.

During this time of giving thanks I thought for Cynthia's Surprise Saturday I'd share something truly amazing  I discovered.  I found this quite by accident surfing the internet yesterday. 

I somehow ended up on the Bob Goff's Love Does website (you should check it out he does incredibly selfless humanitarian work). 

I, of course, clicked on the "SHOP" tab on the Love Does website and this Love Does necklace by the Giving Keys immediately caught my eye. 

Here is how the necklace is packaged. 

When I saw the "PAY IT FORWARD" sentiment on enclosure card I wanted to know more.

I wanted to more about the PAY IT FORWARD part so I went over the The Giving Keys website.

I found out that an incredible woman named Caitlin Crosby started the Giving Keys movement in partnership with the United Way. 

Pssst — Watch Caitlin tell the story herself. 

Love is the Key: Caitlin Crosby at TEDxBend.

Caitlin's message is basically "Keep your eyes open to all the needs you see around you."

At the end the aforementioned video Caitlin quotes Mother Teresa.

"Do not wait for leaders: do it alone, person to person."

In closing, I made one of my infamous collages showing some of The Giving Keys cool jewelry.

So, once you've embraced your word, (on the key), then pass it on to a person you feel needs the message more than you (the giving part). 

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