Surprise Saturday — Chrome / Mirror Nails That Nearly Blew Up the Internet

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Surprise Saturday — Chrome / Mirror Nails That Near Blew Up the Internet


Hello my Lovlies.  Since I fractured my leg in 2 places (back in June) and currently (and probably forever will) have 2 plates and 19 screws in my left ankle (click here to see my archive post about my ankle). 

In the mean time, here's what my leg looked like 1 (one) month after my ORIF surgery.

In keeping with the foregoing, yesterday I started thinking to myself (self) it's time for you to consider going back to work.  I know I have to find a new career where I can sit nearly all the time because of my ankle.

Then I had an aha ha moment and thought  I've always wanted to be a cosmetologist — however, I know that I can't stand on my feet all day long doing hair.

Then it dawned on me hey why not become a nail technician / artist (this was the aha ha part). 

Then I did what I do best and started scouring the internet about nails and nail art.  That's where I found all these posts, pictures, videos, tweets, etc. on these chrome / mirror nails. 

Celebrities have them like Rihanna and Beyonce (see below) rock them. 


Then I went the the Holy Grail of information YouTube  (just kidding) and started looking at videos on how one can achieve these awesome looking mirror / chrome nails. 

This is where I became enamored with the prospect of someone spending $120.00 for an 8 piece set (click here for a lind to the set) of chrome powders (yes, I said powder not polish) to achieve this mirror / chrome nail look. 

Check out this video (below) that got me obsessed with whole chrome / mirror nail phase. 

Anyway, I am becoming long winded — so in closing I'll embed one of my famous or is it infamous collages on some fabulous mirror / chrome nails looks.

Okay my Lovlies, go out and get yourself some chrome / mirror powder and try this look yourself.

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