Make My Monday Pretty — Glitter Pills?

Monday, November 7, 2016

Hello my Lovlies.  Happy Monday it's time to Sparkle & Shine!!!!!!!   

Alright my Lovlies, as you all know I search the internet high and low (Google, Pinterest, Instagram, blogs, articles, newsletters, websites, etc.) for interesting and usual things to post on my blog. 

That being said, I just so happened to come across a pin notification (from Pinterest) in my inbox.  

Get ready Lovlies you can't make this stuff up. Yes, it's glitter pills. 

If you're like me you ask yourself (self) what are glitter pills.  Well fear not my Lovlies below is an actual caption from the Society section on

Are People Really Taking Glitter Pills to Make Their Shit Sparkle?

I told you some things are so strange you can't make them up.  Anyway, go read the article on Vocativ at the link I've provided above to find out more.

Of course that article got me searching all over the internet about these crazy glitter pills.  I don't necessarily care about the making my shit sparkle — I was/am more interested in the sparkle and shine factor. 

Here are some interesting things I came across. 

I found this amazing post on Laurel's blog A Bubbly Life on DYI Glitter Pills. 

Here is a picture from her blog showing some glitter pills she made. 

Below are a few more pictures of glitter pills I found on Pinterest.  I'd love to give credit to the original poster of the photos but I couldn't trace their origin.

If any of the pictures below belong to you comment below and let me know or e-mail me at

In closing my Lovlies, I hope I've given you an education on glitter pills.

Your Turn: Let me know what you know about glitter pills. 

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