Top 5 Tuesday — Top 5 Christmas Songs for 2016

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Hello my Lovlies — I hope you're having a terrific Tuesday!!! 

For Cynthia's Top 5 Tuesday I thought I'd share the Top 5 Christmas songs for 2016.  

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Christmas and holiday music are an indispensable part of pop music. These are 5 of the top Christmas songs of all time with details on each and links to pop performance videos. The list is an admittedly subjective one. Please enjoy comparing with your own favorites.
Singer Nat 'King' Cole and his daughter Natalie Cole pose for a portrait session in front of a Christmas tree in circa 1955 - Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images
Nat King Cole and his daughter, c. 1955. Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

1.  "The Christmas Song" - Nat King Cole (1961)

Co-written by singer Mel Torme, "The Christmas Song" became one of the defining performances of the career of Nat King Cole. He recorded the song at least three times, but the 1961 recording is often considered the best. Sometimes the song is referred to as "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire" from the lyrics in the song's first line.

Meet Me in St. Louis - Courtesy MGM
Meet Me in St. Louis. Courtesy MGM

2.  "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" - Judy Garland (1944)

This song was introduced by Judy Garland in a poignant moment in the 1944 movie musical Meet Me In St. Louis. The filmmakers complained that in the first version, the song's lyrics were too depressing and commissioned a rewrite that became the most popular interpretation.
Courtesy Apple Records
Courtesy Apple Records

3.  "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)" - John Lennon (1971)
One of Beatle John Lennon's dreams in the music industry was to create a classic Christmas song. Undoubtedly, he was successful with the song "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)" that is simultaneously a holiday song and plea for world peace.

Brenda Lee Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree - Courtesy Decca
Brenda Lee - "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree".Courtesy Decca

4.  "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" - Brenda Lee (1958)

The first significant recording of "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" was Brenda Lee's version released in 1958. It didn't become a hit single until Lee's pop breakthrough in 1960. The song has been a holiday favorite ever since. 
Bruce Springsteen - Barack Obama Inaugural Celebration 2009 - Photo by Justin Sullivan / Getty Images
Bruce Springsteen - Barack Obama Inaugural Celebration 2009. Photo by Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

5.  "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" - Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi (2003)

"Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" was written in 1934 and first performed on the Eddie Cantor radio show. It was an instant hit. Bruce Springsteen has made it a traditional part of his live concerts during the holidays.

Lovlies, I hope you take a couple of minutes during this hectic holiday season to at least  relax  and watch one of the aforementioned videos.  And if you like it perhaps purchase and/or download it. 

Make My Monday Pretty — DIY Holiday Wreaths

Monday, November 28, 2016

Hello my Lovlies,  I see you all survived Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Small Business Saturday,  Now we've arrived at Cyber Monday. 

Actually, I am not going to post about Cyber Monday there are way to many deals out there to talk about. 

I did, however, want to make mention that Small Business Saturday wrapped up it's seventh year on Saturday, November 26th.  This year an estimated 112 million consumers reported shopping at small business, marking a 13 percent increase from 2015. 

Today Cynthia's Make My Monday Pretty post is going to be about DIY holiday wreaths. 

I saw this awesome (see below) faux curled rosewood wreath {made from rolled recycled book pages} and knew I had to make one myself. 

I found a great step-by-step tutorial over at By Stephanie Lynn. Go check out the tutorial — I was so inspired I rolled 25+ paper roses last night (see below).

Here's the start of my rolled paper rose wreath.
Looks like I've got a lot more rolling to do (lol). 


I lve this rosette paper wreath I found on Pinterest.  I'm sorry I don't know who originally posted it and/or made it as it's been reposted 100's of times.

I did, however, find many YouTube videos and tutorials on how to make them online. 

I found this cleaver clothes pin wreath over at The Ribbon Retreat blog. Hop over to the blog there's a great step-by-step pictorial on how to make this cute wreath.

My Lovelies, I stumpled this 30 minute ornament wreath (for under $20) over on Melissa's The Happier Homemaker website.  

Go take a peek it looks pretty easy to make. 

How cute would this wine cork wreath be to make for a wine lover?  I found this over at the Wine Folly website.

Go check out the site, again there is a wonderful step-by-step tutorial on how to make this unique wreath. 

Okay, my Lovlies I hope I've inspired you to make a lovely DIY holiday wreath. 

If you have a DIY project you'd like to share leave a comment with the link below. 

Spiritual Sunday — Advent || The First Sunday

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Hello my Lovlies — today is the First Sunday of Advent.  Last year on Cynthia's Colorful Mess I did a little series about the 4 Sundays of Advent. 

To date those posts have been some of my highest rated reader stats of the entire year.  Keeping that in mind, why change a good thing (right)?

So, I am going to repost my Advent posts from last year.  I hope you enjoy them as much as you did last year. 

The first Sunday of Advent begins
 a season of hope and fulfillment. 

There perhaps may be some of my readers who do not know what Advent is.  That being said, Advent is generally known as the period beginning four Sundays before Christmas, observed in commemoration of the coming of Christ into the world.

On each Sunday of the Advent season, Christians focus on one of the four virtues Jesus brings to us: Hope, L♥ve, Joy, and Peace.  Today being the first Sunday of Advent we are celebrating prophecy / expectation or "hope".

 We can have hope because God is faithful and will keep the promises made to us. Our hope come from God. 
(Romans 15:12-13)

So my Lovlies, I pray you take the time during this busy holiday season to learn about and celebrate Advent.


Surprise Saturday — Small Business Saturday

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Hello my Lovlies.  I hope all of you survived Black Friday yesterday — because today is Small Business Saturday!!!!!

In the event you've been living under a rock or on another planet for the past 6 years I'll explain it. 

American Express Launched Small Business Saturday which started on November 27, 2010

In 2011 the United States Senate unanimously past a resolution of support for Small Business Saturday.  

In 2012 every state in the union from Washington D.C. to Washington State, governors, mayors and even President Obama championed Small Business Saturday. 

In 2013 Neighborhoods celebrated the day.  The day continued to grow with more individuals and local organizations pledging (1,450+)to support the day as Neighborhood Champions. 

In 2014 Small Businesses Owned The Day! American Express encouraged small business owners to take charge of the day by helping them promote their business with free personalized ads which appeared millions of times across the web. 

It was estimated that $14.3 BILLION dollars were spent at independent business on Small Business Saturday in 2014. 

2015 was one for the books. Shoppers supported their neighborhood business like never before continuing to embrace the day as a holiday shopping tradition. It was estimated that 95 million people went out to shop at small businesses. 

So there you have it my Lovlies the story of Small Business Saturday. 

Let's make 2016 another Small Business Saturday for the record books. Let's shoot for 150 million people going out to shop and support our friends and neighbors at small businesses today. 


(Black) Friday Favorites — Cynthia's Favorite Online Deals

Friday, November 25, 2016

Hello my Lovlies.  I hope you all survived Thanksgiving without any mishaps or disasters. 

Well, it's Black Friday and a lot of you will probably go out and hit some the of the BIG sales. 

I thought for Cynthia's (Black Friday) edition of I'd share some of my favorite deals from online vendors.

So, in other words, I suppose I'm giving you a heads up to Cyber Monday (lol). 

So, let's get started!!!

Here is a place with crazy unique candles.  Although they spell it "Candelles."  This is a great soy based candle company with some of the coolest candle jars and melts around.  
Their products have crazy names like Santa's Cookies, What a Thyme to be Alive, and I Donut Know What I'd Do Without You. 

Check out their website and Black Friday deals here.  

Another one of my favorite places to shop for beautiful sterling silver jewelry is Eve's Addition. 

Check out their website here. Pssst use code: HTHIRTY | their sale ends tonight at midnight. 

Okay my Lovlies, I've got to run out and take my dog to the vet for her shots.  Don't worry though I'll post more Black Friday deals and steals thought out the day today. 

Thursday Tips & Tricks — Last-Minute Thanksgiving Tips For The Lazy Hostess

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Hello my Lovlies, Happy Thanksgiving! 

It's Thanksgiving day so I thought I'd share some last-minute tips & tricks to make your Turkey day a little easier. 

These tips, tricks, and pictures came for BuzzFeed

Since you saved everything until the last minute, keep your to-do list and recipes handy.
RomarioIen / Getty Images / Via
Write everything out in lists and tape the lists in plain sight so you can keep track of what needs to be done before your guests arrive, which dishes need to be cooked when, and how many shots you’ve had to calm yourself down because everyone is literally almost at your house and you have done nothing.

Make a roasting rack out of tin foil.
André Baranowski /
André Baranowski /

A roasting rack is an irreplaceable tool in the kitchen, but if you don’t cook often, or don’t have one that is the right size to accommodate your Thanksgiving turkey, use this DIY foil trick from Saveur.

Don't stress over appetizers. 

Most grocery stores are stocked to the brim with cheeses, olives, fresh bread, and already sliced cold cuts that you can lay out on a cutting board (wooden if you want to look all rustic and fancy). Your guests will be so excited to eat, they won’t care that you didn’t make deviled eggs shaped like pumpkins.

Brine your turkey in a cooler so it doesn't take up all of your fridge space.

Too lazy to move around everything in your fridge? Don’t! Brine your turkey in a cooler so that it’s in a separate space. Here’s a simple brining recipe from A Beautiful Mess.

Throw all of your vegetables and potatoes into the oven with your turkey.
zeleno / Getty Images / Via

Your oven is going to be on all day anyway so why not chop up a bunch of veggies and potatoes to make a roasted side dish. Toss everything in together with some herbs (rosemary, salt, pepper, and olive oil is a delicious and quick recipe) and let them cook alongside your turkey.

Well my Lovlies, I hope you find some of these last-minute turkey day tips & tricks helpful.  

If you have any Thanksgiving day tips and/or tricks please leave them in the comment box below. 

I'd like to close by saying Thanksgiving is a special occasion to express my thanks to those whose friendship and lve I cherish. 

May you have a bountiful Thanksgiving, Happy Holidays, and a prosperous New Year.