What's Up Wednesday — DIY Mercury Glass Halloween Candle Holders

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Hello my Lovlies.  I was once again scouring the internet trying to find something interesting for Cynthia's What's Up Wednesday post.

 I subscribe to Better Homes and Gardens e-mails and saw one (an e-mail post) that had beautiful mercury glass in it.  I liked the candle holders, but they were a little bit pricey for my budget. So, I thought to myself  (self) there's got to be a DIY way to make mercury glass. 

 Ta-da I found a great how-to  DYI blog post on landeeseelandeedo.com for mercury glass candle holders.  

Anyway, here is the post copied directly from Landeelu. 

I love a good upcycling project and this one was quick and easy and was just was I was looking for!  I had a few glass soda bottles already and then I headed to Goodwill to see what other glassware I could use for this project.  As usual, Goodwill did not disappoint!  I found three more cute glass pieces for .49 each.  Plus three white taper candles (still wrapped and brand new) for .99 total.  Can those prices be beat?  No they cannot.  Score!

You can see the full tutorial HERE on how to make your own DIY mercury glass but basically what you need is Krylon’s Looking Glass spray paint (affiliate) and a squirt bottle with water.

I had used 1 part water with 1 part vinegar last time and this time I just used water and I think it worked just as well!  I thought I’d try the looking glass on those faux pumpkins I’ve had for years (and have already painted a couple of times) but it was an epic fail.  Apparently that stuff is only good on glass.  I did, however, have some Krylon Silver Foil spray paint (affiliate) and it worked like a dream!

I then whittled the ends of my candles to fit into the tops of the bottles (which was super fun, by the way.  I felt like a boy scout!).  I also cut some of the candles down to create some interest with varying heights.  Then I lit them and let them burn for a while to create some cool “drippies.” :)  I also helped the drippies along with my BBQ lighter (also very fun).

And then I was done!  Such a fun project that took about an hour or so!

Well my Lovlies, I hope you liked the post on DYI mercury glass candle holders, and you're inspired enough to try to make them yourself.

Your Turn:  Let me know if you try making your own mercury glass. 

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