Top 10 Tuesday — Ten Easy DIY Fall Decorating Projects

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Hello my Lovlies!! On this beautiful Tuesday I am going to share with you my Top 10 DIY fall decorating projects. I found all of these amazing projects on Midwest Living.

In The Spotlight

Squash, pumpkins and a twig of ginkgo leaves (inserted in a flower pick) on mounted moss command attention in this bell jar set atop a terra-cotta dish.

Golden Glow

Clear glass containers show off both candlelight as well as colorful materials. 

Nestle a candle and popcorn kernels or other seasonal materials, such as candy corn or colored clear round stones.  If you prefer, use a battery-powered candle for safety.

Beyond Mums

If your go-to autumn bouquet defaults to traditional offerings, shake it with a less-expected blend of veggies, fruits, berries and widely varied flowers.  Small gourds, cabbage heads. and pears (secured to thin dowels) add surprising flair. 

Setting the Season

Vibrant dahlias in carved-out mini pumpkins delight as place settings.  

Rope In Decor

Replicate a chandelier with leaves instead of lights.  Drill a 1/4-inch hole in each canning jar lid.  Pull a separate piece of rope through each hole, then tie a knot under each lid.  Place single leaves in jars, and tightly secure lids.  Tie ropes together and hang from a heavy-duty ceiling hook. 

Season's Bounty

Gourds in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes, and textures fill a wooden tray accented by flowers and berries. 

Orange and White Centerpiece

White pumpkins encircled by bittersweet vine and set along an orange table runner create a striking table arrangement. 

Celebrate Fall Colors

Create a beautiful fall wreath with a variety of materials that reflect autumn's hues: gold, red, orange, and brown. 

A Picture of Fall

For an easy mantle display, combine brightly colored fall leaves with an empty picture frame. 

Color Combo

Create an eye-catching fall centerpiece with candles, succulents and fresh flowers.  Use dahilias and billy buttons. 

Okay my Lovlies, I hope I've inspired you to create some of your own DIY fall decorating projects. 

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