What's Up Wednesday — Where I've Been For The Past Few Months

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hello my Lovlies! I bet you've all been wondering where I've been for the past few months.  Well... it's an interesting story actually.  I fractured my ankle in two places  — fibula and tibia on June 13th and I had ankle ORIF surgery on June 22nd.  

The surgeon put 2 plates and 14 screws in my left ankle to hold it together. 

Below are the pictures we (my husband Chuck and I) took at my first follow up appointment after my surgery.  

              This is top view of my left ankle

                                   This is an x-ray of my ankle that was taken
                          immediately after my ORIF surgery

                       This is a side view of my left ankle

Anyway, I've been on my pity pot since I fractured my ankle.
I was thinking I put a lot of time and energy into my blog and I really wasn't getting anything out of it.  I haven't checked my blog or looked at my stats since June 10th.  

Then yesterday my good friend Margaret asked why I don't blog any more.  I had to stop and ask myself why I quit blogging. 

I thought about it and realized I do get a lot out of blogging.  In fact, it's actually very therapeutic for me.  Plus, I get to stay in touch with all of you. 

I don't know if you're happy I'm back, but I'm happy. E-mail me or comment below and let me know you like my blog. I'll make me feel better (lol). 

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