Top 10 Tuesday — Top 10 Funny Street Names

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Hello again my Lovlies.  Yes, it's Cynthia's Top 10 Tuesday again.  For today's post I've dug up 10 of the funniest street names I could find. I hope you enjoy today's 
Top 10. 

This list came from 

10. Cowshit Lane

funny_street_name_19. Bell End
funny_street_name_28. Dumb Woman’s Lane
funny_street_name_37. Butt Hole Road
funny_street_name_46. Sluts Hole Lane
funny_street_name_55. Bald Knob
funny_street_name_64. Cumming Street
funny_street_name_73. Minge Lane
funny_street_name_82. Spunk Creek
funny_street_name_91. Katies Crotch Road

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