Spiritual Sunday — He Is Risen

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hello my Lovlies — Happy Easter!!!!!  Ive Easter not only because it signifies the beginning of spring, but it means rebirth and complete forgiveness.  The resurrection of Jesus (alongside his crucifixion) is the central historical event in the Christian faith.  Without the resurrection there would be no Christianity.

Consider just three of the ways the New Testament highlights the significance of the resurrection.

1.  Jesus' resurrections means that his sacrificial death on the cross was sufficient, and therefore our sins can be forgiven. 

2. Jesus' resurrection means that death is defeated once and for all.  

3. The resurrection means that the material world matters. 

I ran across a poem that I think is a beautiful  Easter sentiment and wanted to share it with you. 

Easter Dawn

by Shirley Amendt 
"What day is this?" The Voice was clear.
The tone was kind and strong.
Until it reached my sleeping ear;
I had slumbered for too long.

I shook off sleep and looked around,
Searching shadows in the room.
No one was present to be found,
In the quiet predawn gloom.

"What Day is this?" I heard once more.
Aloud and not a whim,
Then I was shaken to my core,
I knew that it was Him.

"What DAY is this?" I knew Him now,
And I laughed in glad reply!
My very soul rejoiced aloud.
My heart took wings to fly.

This is the Day the Lord has made,
The first day of the week--
When Mary went forth unafraid,
To the Savior she must seek.

Now I walk through this Easter dawn,
To The Risen Lord, The One True Vine,
He feeds us now and from now on,
With broken bread and poured out wine.

He died and gave His all for me,
My sins are gone and I am free,
I seek him now on bended knee,
He lives today, He lives in me.

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