Sepia Saturday — How To Add A Sepia Finish To Any Photograph (For Free)

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Hello Lovlies.  Today for Sepia Saturday I am going to show you how to put a sepia finish on any photograph — and guess what it's free and easy. 

The first thing you need to do is select a photograph that you'd like change to the sepia finish. I chose one of me and my husband (Chuck) in our Harley gear at the beach.
This is the picture I am choosing to change to a sepia finish. 

Next go to

Once you have Picmonkey open click on edit as shown above.  Another window will open where you can select the photograph you chose in step one.  

                     Here is the picture in Picmonkey. 

Now you are going to click on the effects wand as illustrated above. 

After you click on the effects wand a drop down menu will appear. All you have to do click on sepia. 

You're all done.  Now all you have to do is save your masterpiece.  Picmonkey is really fun to play around with.  You can ad text, graphics, finishes, backgrounds, frames, etc.  Have some fun!!!  

Hope you enjoyed my how-to sepia tutorial. 

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