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Monday, February 29, 2016

I'm on on a mission today!!!! As most of you know by now I am in consultative sales. That being said, sometimes (well...most of the time) you have to find/discover new ways of inspiring and motivating yourself.  Well, since it's leap year Monday (and all) I've decided to do my post about pretty things that are inspirational || motivational to me. 

I'm not sure where this saying came from (there appears to be some controversy), but I sure do like it.  I especially l♥ve the typography in the depiction above. 

I l♥ve this quote for those of us that have to be a little more assertive in their consultative approach. 

Below is another awesome freebie from Michelle at Elegance and Enchantment. 

Thank you Victoria for a nice presentation of this inspiration quote. 

Okay, now you've seen a sliver of what consultants have to do each and every day just to motivate themselves.  

The little engine that could (lol)

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