Throwback Thursday With Cynthia — Toys I Used To Play With When I Was Young (e.g. Now Vintage)

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Hello everyone!! Yes, it's Throwback Thursday With Cynthia and I am going way back to my childhood to share some vintage toys that I liked to play with back in the day.  Here are a few favorite toys that my sister (Kelly) and I had. 

What little girl didn't have Malibu Barbie back in the 70's — with her blue eye shadow and pink glasses.  What's not to l♥ve?

We, of course, we had the Barbie Country Camper — complete with camp stools and a fake fire ring. 

We also played with Malibu Barbie's partner in crime Malibu Ken. Awe, don't they make a cute couple?

Here's an oldie but still a goodie. Vintage Lego — where you never had enough pieces in the kit to make anything pictured on the box.  Image result for sad face

Lite•Brite — oh what fond memories I have of playing with this.  Plus, as an added bonus those little light pegs sounded great when you sucked them up with the vaccum cleaner (lol). 

What little girl's life would be complete without baking tiny little Betty Crocker cakes under a light bulb (yes, a light bulb) in her very own Easy Bake Oven? 

I hope all of you had as much fun as I did taking a nostalgic trip down memory lane with vintage toys on Throwback Thursday With Cynthia. 

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