Throwback Thursday — Old Technology That Almost Nobody Uses Anymore

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hello everyone!! For Throwback Thursday I am going with old technology that almost nobody uses anymore.  

Okay, here is one I am sure anyone over 40 remembers.  Yes, it is eight-track tapes.  Boy, these babies bring back some fond memories of playing eight-track tapes in my aunt's station wagon on long car rides to camping spots at the beach.  
I think I had a girly pink record player almost like this one.  My sister and I used to play my mom's old 45's till they nearly were worn out. What fun!!  
Who doesn't remember the old brick phones.  I worked in outside sales and my company would make us take these hideous, heavy things with us. 

I also remember when there was really only one cellular provider in the Los Angeles area — good old LA Cellular.  We've come along way baby!!!! 

Who doesn't remember the good old fashioned typewriter.  Yes, I still have nightmare about trying to correct 5 part carbon claim forms on one of these babies. Not fun. 

Hope you enjoyed my little trip down memory lane on this throwback Thursday. 

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