Spirituality Sunday — Maximizing Your Strengths (Part I)

Sunday, January 17, 2016

We all do it at times — we worry about our weaknesses and forget to focus on our God given strengths.  God has individually created each of  us with strengths to guide us to fulfilling our destiny and thus bring him glory. 


Moral strengths and weaknesses
A moral strength or weakness is a strength or weakness in an area where God has put a moral boundary – for example, honesty and integrity, sexual purity, contentment, respect for people, etc.
Some people seem to have little or no problem telling the truth. Others do.

Some people seem to have no problem refraining from physical violence. Others do.

Some people seem to have little or no problem with sexual temptations. Others do.

Some people seem to never be tempted to steal. Others are.

Morally, we all have our strong points and our weak points. It is when we acknowledge where our weak points are that we are most likely to overcome them. When we understand, for instance, in what kind of circumstances we are most tempted to tell lies, then we will be more alert and seek the Lord’s help, when we find ourselves in those circumstances.
A word of caution is necessary here: the changing circumstances and situations of life will sometimes reveal a moral weakness where we thought we were morally strong. What happens is that the changed situation has brought with it a range of temptations or pressures in areas where we have never been tested or pushed to the limit before, and we find that what we thought was an area of ‘strength’ crumbles under this new kind of pressure. For example, a person who thought herself very patient, but had always lived with people who were easy to get along with and self-sufficient, may find that she is impatient when placed in a situation where other people are very demanding and dependent.

Do you know your areas of strengths and weaknesses.  What are you doing to work on them today?

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