Spirituality Sunday — Can God Be Trusted?

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Trust is essential in day-today life.  We trust that the package we send will arrive at its destination at the appointed time.  We trust that a company will fix a defective product, or that money will be available from a bank when a withdrawal is made.  Without this trust, life as we know it simply won't work. 

But there's a bigger questions:  Can God be be trusted? If a person has no firsthand knowledge of God, how can God earn that person's trust? To push back against the arguments of those who challenge the Bible as unreliable and false, God must demonstrate that the Bible is worthy of complete confidence by showing that it is historically true and accurate. In the Bible, God does this very thing. 

How does God demonstrate that he can be trusted?
Remember the former things of old, for I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like Me, _______ the end from the beginning, and from ancient times things that are _______ yet _______. 

By showing that he has the ability to predict future events before the happen, God shows that he can be trusted. 

Have you put your trust in God Today? 

Sepia Satruday — Paisley Party

Saturday, January 30, 2016

You all know what sepia is — I provided a definition on my very first Sepia Saturday.  Today I'm adding a new element PAISLEY.  In the event, you don't know what that (paisley) is here's a definition. 

  1. a distinctive intricate pattern of curved, feather-shaped figures based on a pine-cone design from India.

I found so many cool sepia paisley patterns online it was hard to choose only 9 pictures.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy my Sepia Saturday Paisley Party. 

If you have an idea for Sepia Saturday please contact me and share your thoughts.  

Friday Favorites — My Five Favorite Blogs

Friday, January 29, 2016

My 5 Favorite Blogs





Throwback Thursday — Retro TV Show I Used to Watch When I was a Kid

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Admit it if you're over 40 you watched some of my favorite Throwback Thursday (now known as retro) TV shows.  Here are some of my favorite old shows from when I was a kid. 

Now you know why I don't go by
 Cindy (lol). 

I knew a lot of young boys who dreamed of Jeannie (and still do). 

Hey wait a minute where is
Mrs. Livingston in this picture?

Yes, I admit it I had a small crush in Davy Jones, but then again what little girl didn't. 

I know it's a guilty pleasure, but
who didn't l♥ve the groovy 
Partridge Family. 

I hope you enjoyed this nostalgic trip down memory lane on Cynthia's Throwback Thursday.  

What's Up Wednesday — Signs and Sayings I L♥ve

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

By now you all know I l♥ve typography and DIY projects.  With that in mind, I am forever scouring the internet for clever projects, signs, sayings, typography, etc.  For What's Up Wednesday I thought I'd share some of the cool signs and sayings I've come across recently. 

Image from http://evilcakegenius.com/index.php/t-shirts-hoodies/a-party-without-a-cake-is-just-a-meeting.html

Image from http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/dottierocks/product/foil-classy-and-fabulous-coco-chanel-quote-print

Image available at Cafepress

I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles-Audrey Hepburn

  • More than 16 million children live in food insecure households (here’s a reminder of what food insecurity means) in 2010.
  • Research indicates that hungry children do poorly in school and have lower academic achievement because they are not well prepared for school and cannot concentrate.
  • Only 2.3 million of the more than 20 million low-income children who receive free and reduced school lunch participate in Summer Food Service Programs.

I hope you enjoyed the signs and sayings I've shared with you on Cynthia's What's Up Wednesday.  Please share some of your favorite sayings, quotes, signs, charities, etc. by commenting about this post, or reaching me through me through my contact page. 

Top 10+ Tuesday — Valentine's Gifts For Your Husband

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Romantic dinner and sexy lingerie aside, do you know what gadgets and gizmos your husband has been dying to buy. Enjoy a romantic date together, but get him a gift he'll love as much as he loves you, all while encouraging together time and increased intimacy. Here are a couple of top 10 lists I found for Valentine's gift ideas for your husband. 

Top 10 Valentines Day Gifts for Him
List from lamodabella.com

1) Victorinox Swiss Army Alox Money Clip $47  
2) Converse Street Mid Fashion Sneakers $50
3) Tri-blend Vintage Heart T-Shirt on Etsy $25
4) Guilty by Men’s Gucci Eau de Toilette $51
5) Simon Carter Chunky Facet Silver Heart Cufflinks $47
6) Armour Watch $64
7) Isaac Mizrahi Sunglasses $78
8) Polo Ralph Lauren Boxer Shorts $40
9) Professional DIY ManGroomer $40
10) Baylis and Harding Travel Set $29

Come on can you really see your husband (or any husband for that matter) wearing a silver glitter t-shirt with a black heart on it.  Sorry, but that's really reaching. 


List from leathervslace.com

  • Homemade Gin Kit • One Kings Lane •  Bring the distillery to him with this fun Gin Kit!

  • Tom Ford ‘Noir’ Set • Tom Ford • Tom Ford’s oriental inspired fragrance will leave your guy smelling sophisticated and sensual.

  • The Art of Shaving ‘The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave® – Unscented’ Kit • The Art of Shaving • Keep his beard looking dapper with this lush shaving kit.

  • Diptyque Feu de Bois Colored Candle • Diptyque • This classic scent will bring back memories of a warm fire.

  • Burberry Large Check Stamped Bracelet Watch, 42mm • Burberry • This classic Burberry design is the perfect arm candy for him.

  • “The Curious Bartender: An Odyssey of Malt, Bourbon & Rye Whiskies” • Crate & Barrel • He will learn all he needs to know about the art of whiskies with the book!

  • Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Sunglasses • Ray-Ban • It is the same iconic shape, but with a modern twist he is sure to love.

  • Clarisonic Mia 1, One Facial Sonic Cleansing, Gray • Clarisonic • Keep his skin smooth and clear with the beloved Clarisonic cleansing brush.

  • Fitbit Fitbit Wristband, Black • Fitbit • Help him work on his fitness with the handy Fitbit wristband.

  • The Tie Bar Silk Pin Dot Tie • The Tie Bar • Add a pop of red into his holiday wardrobe with this chic silk tie.

  • XO boxers • Xo • A fun nod to the holiday with these boxers adorned with “hugs and kisses – xoxo”.

  • Corkcicle Chillsner, 2 Pack • Macy’s • His beer will never go cold with this handy gift.

  • Gents Textured Baseball Cap • Gents • What’s not to love about this fashion forward baseball cap?!?!
  • _________________________________________________________________________________

    Let's not forget all us DIYers out there. I found these super cute ideas on www.beauty blondie.com. Visit Elisabeth's site great ideas and how to's.

    Make My Monday Pretty — Free Valentine's Day Printables

    Monday, January 25, 2016

    Happy Monday my Lovlies.  I l♥ve to find free online printables for quick and easy DYI projects.  Well, you're in luck because I've done a lot of the work for you — I've found some of cutest free  Valentine's printables available online.  

    Love Is Patient  || The Creative Girl
    XOXO || Less Cake More Frosting
     Pizzazzerie ‘All You Need’ || printable pdf
    Chalkboard Valentine || Blooming Homestead
    Valentine Printable || Insitefull Living
     Fee printables || Pen N’ Paper Flowers

    Showered with L♥ve || The Dating Divas 

    Spirituality Sunday — Maximizing Your Strengths (Part II)

    Sunday, January 24, 2016

    Personal strengths and weaknesses (Adapted for Rosemary Bardsley 2009, 2014)
    Personal strengths and weaknesses come closer to the area of ‘temperament’ or ‘personality’, but do not fully equate with these. Here you should be looking at the question: What kind of person am I?
    Happy, sad, courageous, timid, helpful, thoughtful, compassionate, optimistic, pessimistic, funny, quiet, serious, studious, active, sporty, creative, academic, musical, relaxed, energetic, morose, grumpy, etc
    It also includes what you are good at or not good at, what you can do or can’t do:
    Art, business, building, cooking, design, writing, music, talking, helping, computers, nursing, and so on.
    Why are you looking at these things? Because knowing your strengths and weaknesses will help you to:
    ·        Have a realistic expectation of yourself and how you can serve    God
    ·         Have a realistic perception of what you can and cannot do
    ·    Understand why you don’t feel comfortable in some tasks or     roles
    ·       Further develop your strengths
    ·   Have a good attitude to your areas of weakness – developing coping skills where appropriate, changing where appropriate, and accepting yourself where appropriate
    ·    Recognizing which strengths and weaknesses wrongly applied or expressed have the potential to become moral weaknesses [or sins].
    ·      Recruit others for tasks in which they excel but you don’t

    Your ability to live for God and serve God will have a lot to do with how you relate to your personal weaknesses.
    Relational strengths and weaknesses

    Relational strengths and weaknesses refer to how well you cope with or relate to other people. Again, this has some relationship with personality and temperament, but is not entirely the same. Questions your are looking at here include:
    ·         Do you find it easy or difficult to initiate a conversation with a    stranger?
    ·         Do you find it easy or difficult to initiate a conversation with a    friend?
    ·         Do you find it easy or difficult to make friends?
    ·         Are you afraid of people generally?
    ·         Are you trusting or suspicious of people?
    ·         Do you love or hate being surrounded by a crowd?
    ·         Do you love or hate being alone?
    ·         Do you need people or can we get along without them?
    ·         Do you depend on people for your self-esteem?
    ·         Do you use people for your personal advantage?
    ·         Are you careful to maintain confidentiality?
    ·         Can people trust you?
    ·         Do you love people to come to your house?
    ·         Do you find it easy to contribute to a group conversation?
    ·         Once you have a friendship do you sustain it, damage it, or    drop it?
    ·         Are you forgiving or do you hold grudges?
    ·         Do you find it easier to relate to some people more than        others?
    ·         Do you love your enemies or just your friends?
    ·         Do you avoid people?

    Spirituality and service is largely to do with people. Relationships cannot be avoided. People are the number two priority on your ‘to do list’ given by God [the first priority is GOD himself]. It was people that Jesus came to seek and to save; it was people for whom he died. Relationships are therefore extremely important for all Christians, and in particular for Christians serving in the church and community.
    Are you more familiar with your spiritual strengths and weaknesses than you were last week? 

    Strengths Spotting