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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Remember I said I was excited about going to Sybaris Bistro for dinner on my birthday.  I promised my readers that I'd review the restaurant afterwards.  Well, here (below) is  a copy of the review (and a link to) what I posted on Yelp.

I am sincerely disappointed that I have to write a two star review about Sybaris Bistro. Yesterday (12/18) my husband took me to Sybaris for my 50th birthday.  I was looking forward to it all week after looking at their menu and reading many five star reviews.

We arrived at the restaurant and stood in the lobby a good 15 minutes (there was no host/hostess) before anyone gave us the courtesy of acknowledging our presence.
After greeting us they did show us to a nice fireside table.

For the prices at Sybaris Bistro I expected to have friendlier, more attentive service. Therefore, rather than go on ad infinitum I will do a pro and con list and then summarize.

• The appetizer (empanadas) were good — nice and flakey.

• The main courses — I had the Roasted Neck Chicken and my husband had the Grilled Big
   Pork Chip and both were prepared and presented well.  Both dishes were excellent!

• The tables in the restaurant were spread out nicely for privacy — the noise level was low
   Which was nice.  

• Again, nice fireside tables available.     

• No host/hostess — it took 15> minutes to be acknowledged.

• Unfriendly service.

• Untimely / inexperienced service
    ♦ Saw the server about 3 times during the whole meal.
    ♦ We were never offered more bread/butter.
    ♦ Coffee/wine/water were left unattended and not refilled timely.
    ♦ Staff did not anticipate our needs like you would expect at a restaurant charging these
    ♦ Staff did not present the menu well, nor did they offer paring suggestions or talk about
       fresh / local ingredients.
    ♦ Staff did not mention one thing about the wine / drink / dessert menus.
    ♦ There were only 2 people in our party and the server didn't know who got which plate
       (this clearly shows lack of attention to detail).

• To go to the unisex (tacky) bathroom you had to walk to the back of the restaurant and
   through the messy prep station. 

• The bathroom itself was dirty and not well kept and decor was hideous.

•  The restaurant was very sparsely decorated.  The tables had one clear tea light and some
    sort of ugly rock for decoration / ambience.

• They ran out of steelhead and creme brulee before 7:30 pm.

• The dessert menu was very limited (no chocolate items at all and no creme burlee).

In summary, I feel the cons far outweighed a good appetizer and main course.  Food alone does not a make a 5 star experience make.  We will probably not be going back there, nor would we recommend the restaurant to friend and/or family. 

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