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Monday, December 7, 2015

Happy Monday!!!! Okay, I have a new obsession (yes another one).  As all of you know I love all things calligraphy, hand lettering, pretty fonts...  Anyway, I was on Jones Design Company's blog (one of my favorite blogs) yesterday and saw Emily's post about snagging freebies (you gotta l♥ve free).  A freebie titled Winter Wonderland Illustration by Lily&Val immediately caught my attention.  

I clicked on the link and subscribed. Then all I can say is 
 I received this free chalkboard art print by Valerie McKeehan of Lily & Val. I highly recommend you check out her site and see all her amazing work.

Well, this started my obsession to learn more about chalkboard art || lettering.  I discovered tons of resources online about chalkboard drawing. Since my obsession is still growing I will add to this post later with more samples of chalkboard art and a reference list. 

In the mean time, here is another beautiful example of chalkboard art.  

Back to School Chart Free Printable found on
The 36th Avenue

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