What's Up Wednesday — Stamp Obsession

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Illustration in part by John LeMasney

Okay, I admit it I have OCD issues when it comes to the Holidays.  I want everything to look and be perfect.  That being said, I was searching around the internet yesterday getting ideas for this year's Christmas (yes, I said Christmas — NOT holiday!) card. 

This year I thought maybe I'd hand stamp and add creative lettering (calligraphy) to personalize our Christmas cards.  That started this whole obsession with stamps.  

Somehow I came across PSA Essentials.  They make personalized self-inking stamps and these nifty peel and stick stamp designs 
(see samples below).  

I think the Peel & Stick stamps is where my OCD kicked into high gear.   With these stamps you can use the same base and simply peel away the design and stick on a new one.  You can change your designs thousands of times all with one stamper. Check out this YouTube video on PSA Essentials Peel  & Stick Stamps: How To Use


PSA Essentials Fall
                                                   Examples of Personalized Self-Inking Stamps 
Examples of Peel & Stick Stamps
I hope I've inspired you to take a look at all that PSA Essentials has to offer. 

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