Throwback Thursday — Vintage / Retro Design-Decor Throwbacks

Thursday, November 19, 2015

I was trying to think of a theme for my Throwback Thursday blog post today.  I searched the internet and came across some home design/decor throwbacks that caught my eye.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy seeing some of these oldies but goodies. 

Retro Kitchen Decor – 1950s...:
Retro Kitchen Decor — 1950's
Loved when the kitchen appliances and toilet/sink/tub were done in colors like this (green,blue,yellow) vintage 70's:
Don't you love when the kitchen appliances and the toilet/sink/tub were done in color like these (blue, yellow, green, orange, brown...) vintage 70's
Yellow wall rotary phone. The yellows and greens were really popular in the 70's.... to match the appliances in the kitchen! (SH):
Yellow wall rotary phone.  The yellows, greens, browns, and oranges were really popular in the 70's...maybe to match the ugly wall paper (lol). 

Nothing says "Home" like vintage Tupperware!:

Who Could Forget these 1970's Tupperware Classics

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed taking a little trip down memory lane with me. Please share some of your retro/vintage photos with me so I can post them on Throwback Thursday. 

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